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Mercedes Repair in Burbank

Mercedes Repair in Burbank, CA

Burbank, CA

What began as a small entrepreneur’s 4,600-acre purchase has turned into the City of Burbank that we know today. On what was originally simple ranch-land, David Burbank grew wheat and raised sheep. By 1887, Burbank was incorporated as a small town, but that wasn’t to last long. When the entertainment industry arrived in Burbank, in the 1920’s, it arrived with a bang.
Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and NBC, just to name a few, took up residency in this developing city, creating what is now known as the “Media District.” Burbank also has plenty of movie shoots under its belt – Casablanca is probably the most impressive and famous. The city is always sprawling with various media groups and ongoing movie productions, all trying to encapsulate the Burbank vibe.
The architecture of Burbank comprises of both historical and modern housing, which contributes to the diverse feel. What is considered to be the most notable neighborhood in Burbank is the famed equestrian community. With a large combination of stables and housing, this set-up only solidifies the already prominent uniqueness of Burbank. Overall, Burbank is a place for the bold and adventurous, but can also be for the meek and prudent, as the city kindly takes pride in its various sundry.
With all that’s happening in Burbank, it’s a good idea to have an auto repair shop ready for whatever the city throws at you. From basic maintenance and detailing to auto diagnostics and auto body repair, Boulevard Auto Repair does it all. You can make your way through Burbank with the confidence of always having a dependable auto repair shop nearby. We are located just a few miles away in Sherman Oaks.
Bumper To Bumper – Boulevard Auto Repair Has Your Auto Repair Needs Covered.


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