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Automotive Services german auto repair sherman oaks

German automobiles are known for their performance and innovative German engineering. When you drive a German vehicle it is important to choose an expert German technician who truly understands your vehicle. Boulevard Auto Repair is dedicated to providing the best German auto repair in Sherman Oaks, CA. We are a full-service auto repair shop specializing in German automotive and collision repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle performing at peak condition. From oil changes to tire service to transmission service, the experts at Boulevard Auto Repair know what it takes to maintain the integrity of your German vehicle.

AC System Service & Repair

Your vehicle’s AC system keeps you feeling comfortable when the summer heat sets in. When yours needs to be serviced or repaired, give us a call. We handle all aspects of auto AC service and repair including AC compressor repair, cabin air filter replacement, and AC recharge.


Belts wear out over time and need to be replaced. If you wait too long it could lead to belt breakage and possibly cause severe damage to your car. Our experts will inspect your belts for excessive wear and replace them when necessary. Your timing belt, serpentine belt, and the timing belt tensioner are in good hands at Boulevard Auto Repair.

Battery & Starting Issues

Your battery, alternator, and ignition coil are all important components relative to your vehicle’s starting process. If you are having electrical or starting issues, call us today.

Brake Service & Repair

What is the first system you think of when you think about your vehicle’s safety? It is probably the braking system, right? Properly functioning brakes are crucial to the safety of you and the people around you when you are on the road. The best way to prevent brake failure is through regular brake service and repairing your brakes at the first sign of trouble. We are able to handle all the major components of your braking system including the ABS wheel sensor, brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, brake fluid, and drum brakes.

Emission & Exhaust Service & Repair

Your exhaust system is responsible for removing harmful gases that your engine produces, but it also reduces noises and improves your engine performance and efficiency. When your air filter is dirty or clogged our team can replace it, but we can also do so much more including repairing your camshaft, ERG sensor, O2 sensor, and mass airflow sensor.

Engine Cooling System Service & Repair

It is important that your engine runs at the right temperature and not overheat in order to prevent engine damage. That’s what makes your engine cooling system so important. It circulates coolant to cool the engine down as you drive. If you are having radiator issues come in and see us. We can check your coolant level, repair your radiator, and everything in between.

Fuel System Repair

Where would your vehicle be without a functioning fuel system? The answer is nowhere fast. If you are having issues with any part of your fuel system including the fuel pump or fuel filter, call us today.

Suspension & Steering Repair

Your suspension and steering systems are what put you in control of your vehicle. If you are having trouble turning your steering wheel you might be low on power steering fluid or need a repair to your power steering pump, which we can help with. If you are experiencing pulling or a bumpy ride, it is time for suspension repair. We can repair or replace any component of your suspension system including the ball joints and shocks or struts.

Tire & Wheel Services

With everything your tires have riding on them, tire and wheel maintenance is best left to the experts. With our advanced equipment and expertise, Boulevard Auto Repair offers comprehensive tire and wheel service and repair including tire rotations, TPMS repair, wheel balancing, and tire replacement.

Transmission Service & Repair

Your German vehicle’s transmission is not only important, but it is also complex. At Boulevard Auto Repair, we don’t just handle your transmission fluid, we have the state-of-the-art tools and expert mechanics necessary for comprehensive transmission repair.

European Repair Near Me

If you drive a Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, or Smart Car call Boulevard Auto Repair to schedule your next service or repair appointment. We are the preferred provider of German auto repair services in Sherman Oaks.

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