The Best Auto Body Services in L.A. for Your European Automobile

Los Angeles, California is famous for a lot of things, and sigalerts are, unfortunately, one of them. These traffic alerts are caused by automobile accidents, and with all the traffic in L.A., well, we have plenty of those, too. The good news is that you don’t need to go anywhere else for your European Automobile needs other than Boulevard Auto Repair. We are a full-service auto shop in Sherman Oaks, and we also do bodywork and collision repair. We offer the best auto body services in L.A.


Before we get into our collision services, let’s talk about keeping your vehicle beautiful. Our auto detailing services clean your automobile from top to bottom and also protect it with body wax and upholstery and tire treatments. We can make an old car look brand new, so think about setting up an auto detailing appointment for the car lover in your family as a holiday gift.

Frame Repair

One of the worst things that can happen to your vehicle in an automobile accident is frame damage. Frame damage can be invisible to the naked eye, which is why we use technology to ensure we catch and repair all of the frame damage from your auto accident. We’ll straighten out your vehicle’s frame to its original condition and then go from there with the rest of the repairs.

Glass Repair or Replacement

Whether your auto glass was damaged in an accident or by flying debris, even the smallest windshield crack can turn into a huge problem. Vehicle vibration stresses the weakened auto glass, and the pit that you got from the rock that hit your windshield will eventually branch out and become a crack. Your windshield stabilizes your vehicle’s frame, so let us repair or replace it.


From shopping carts to big rigs, anything can hit your European automobile and damage it. The ugliness of dents and other damage aside, your vehicle’s body must be stable to be safe. Our bodywork and collision services include bumper repair, dent removal, and, as mentioned above, frame repair and welding. We can restore your vehicle’s body no matter how bad the collision damage is.

Custom Paint

Another great holiday present for the car lover in your family is a custom paint job, and we can do that, too. We can paint your vehicle after we repair the automobile accident damage or we can custom paint it the way you’ve always wanted. We are paint-matching experts, no matter the color of your vehicle, so don’t worry about your collision repairs or customized paint job.

We can also replace your headlights if they have burned out or are fogged up. Call Boulevard Auto Repair in Sherman Oaks, CA, for your auto body needs.

Photo by choness from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro

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