Is My Car Battery Dying? Here Are 7 Signs That it Is!

You’re already late for work and your car won’t start. You aren’t even getting it to catch. Your battery is dead, and you seriously do not have time for this problem. Could you have known that the battery was dying? Boulevard Auto Repair lists seven signs that give you a heads-up on battery trouble.

Warning Light

Today’s vehicles are equipped with warning lights ready to alert you of just about any trouble. The battery light will turn on if the battery isn’t producing enough voltage or you have other electrical system problems. If the battery light comes on, get the battery tested and replace it if necessary.

Slow Starts

Usually, the battery will die slowly, unless you leave the lights on. You’ll notice your engine sputters before it starts; something that it never did before. This could go on for a couple of days or weeks before the battery dies. Test the battery here, too, so you can replace it before it dies completely.

Dimming Lights

Your battery powers the electrical components in your car including all of the lights. If your battery is running out of juice, or if the alternator is failing, you’ll notice that the lights dim and flicker. The headlights doing this is the most noticeable. Your dashboard lights will also be harder to see.

Electrical Failures

Aside from the lights, you may also notice electrical components slow down or die. Power window operation could lag, you might not be able to adjust your power seats, or your electronics may turn off, such as the radio or GPS system. This is a sign the battery is not powering the components completely.

Corroded Terminals

Your battery will show visible signs of wear and tear, too. Oftentimes, an older battery will leak battery acid that corrodes the terminals and connectors. The battery case can also warp, crack, or even bubble. These are surefire signs that your battery is dying, as it should never leak, crack, or warp.

Rotten Eggs

If your battery is leaking, you may also smell rotten eggs. You’ll find sulfuric acid inside your vehicle’s battery. If it is leaking out, you might smell the sulfur gas and it smells a lot like rotten eggs. Oftentimes, the sulfur gas leak is caused by internal damage to the battery or a short somewhere inside.

Old Age

Finally, your car’s battery has an expected lifespan of three years; anything beyond that is pushing it. You can get more time out of the battery, but start to look for the signs of battery trouble after your battery’s three-year birthday. A sticker on the battery lists the month and year it was made.

If you suspect you’re on the road to battery trouble, call Boulevard Auto Repair. Our shop is located in Sherman Oaks, CA, and we service the greater Los Angeles area.

Photo by Valeriimingirov from Getty Images via Canva Pro