5 Signs Your Car’s Exhaust System Has a Problem

California has strict emissions standards and our vehicles need to pass a smog check every two years. If your vehicle fails its smog check, there is probably something wrong with the exhaust system. This system will give you some tell-tell signs that there’s a problem; you just have to know what to look for. Boulevard Auto Repair lists five signs of exhaust system trouble below so you know when your automobile’s exhaust system is trying to tell you something.

Check Engine Light

The brake light will come on if there’s something wrong with your brakes, for example, but the exhaust system is covered by the check engine light. Anything that is off in the exhaust system will trigger a check engine warning. Common problems include too much carbon monoxide or oxygen in the exhaust.

Loud Acceleration

Mufflers are installed on automobiles to reduce engine noise. If there is a hole in the muffler or damage to it, or if you have an exhaust system leak in the tailpipes, your vehicle will sound much louder when you accelerate. It might also rattle or sound like a racecar all the time depending on the damage.

Acceleration Loss

Engine performance issues can be caused by many things and exhaust system trouble is one of them. You might notice power loss when you step on the accelerator. Your vehicle might also vibrate as you speed up. You could also lose power suddenly at higher speeds with no discernable explanation.

Gas Guzzling

We drive a lot in L.A., so we need to get as many miles as we can out of our full tanks. If your vehicle has suddenly become a gas guzzler, you could have an exhaust system malfunction. Usually, the fuel efficiency loss can be chalked up to the engine working harder to make up for any power losses.

Gas Odors

Finally, if you smell engine exhaust or gasoline inside of your automobile, pull over and find a safe place to park. Call for roadside assistance to have your vehicle towed to an auto service shop. Exhaust smells inside the car are a clear sign of trouble and are also dangerous because they contain carbon monoxide.

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Photo by Gabort71 from Getty Images via Canva Pro